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Greetings Fellow Music Lovers.

⚡Welcome to our website! My name is Diesel & I am a Folk'n'Roll songwriter based here in Paris. I quit corporate a couple of years ago to pursue a music career. It feels so much better being able to express my truth in verse than someone else's truth in a meeting😊 

My preferred part of the Indie artist job it is the songwriting piece. Usually I will approach a new song with the empty canvas dimensions  & and the colour of the paint. However there is no guarantee it will make to the production line) Music itself tends to cling on to that mandate, but I am just glad it lets me take its pulse from time to time.

Check out my short how-to songwriting clip below 👇

⚡Diesel Trampoline stems from the mechanics & legwork that goes into crafting of the music that contrasts with the release felt when performing it.

Music can be a great healer, by evoking subconscious thoughts & feeling to the fore & allowing us to release those vulnerable emotions in a harmonious flow. I started music therapy at 8 years old & here a few genz later I still seek it's remedies haha

Below is an short introduction to some of my work  ❤️‍🩹

Who is Diesel Trampoline ?

An Artist

A Poet

A Musician

It’s only recently that I truly understood why I was consumed by music from a young age. It was a actually coping mechanism. I experienced a trauma as a kid that I had buried in memory which only to re-surface recently. The music from my formative years was in fact initially a medium to allow my subconsciousness to express itself without a filter. I am amazed how music can not only bring people together but can also heal..

We made it ! I thought it would never end )

Maybe it won't ..

⚡Rock On family!

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