In a Nutshell

(No more Ether talk)

I am a British Solo Artist currently living in Paris. I have been writing songs for more than 25 years and have recently decided to go full-time. And it has been an interesting bitter-sweet adventure so far!

My Artist Name Diesel Trampoline is  derived from the mechanical workmanship that has gone into the crafting of the songs which contrasts with the resulting cadence and freeness.

This is my first Album and while I had the luxury of cherry-picking from the 50 or so compositions , it did not deter from the sweat, tears and love (even blood!) that went into making of the  Album. 

I started playing music at 9 in Scotland, my birth-place. Trumpet was the instrument of choice much to the chagrin of my parents. I got to a pretty decent level by the time I was 14 and then converted to guitar. Within 6 months I had started writing songs .

Since then I've had more than 25 fruitful years composing and have recently started writing on piano. I have a few unreleased songs coming soon in the next EP (check for hidden links on this page).

The genre does tend to range but I have recently settled with Folk - which flies on the wall of the general health of our Terra Firma and our place in it.

I record a lot of my material in my home studio here in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (which is on the outskirts of Paris) and the most popular 'organic' song has proven to be "Shake a Little Love". I recorded it live and released it as a single on Spotify recently. Click below to see the Go-Pro live recording. (the Negative Imaging is a theme for my home recorded material)

I got as far as the Title on this song...)

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