Greetings Fellow Music Lovers.

⚡A warm welcome to our website. I am pleased as a pînt of punch to have you here, let me make it worth your while.. 

Could I interest you in a cup of Folk'n'Roll while you explore ? If so you can simply click on the player at the bottom, currently playing ‘Alright’.

Below you will see our ShowReel which introduces the music in digestable pieces 🍴

Diesel Trampoline stems from the oily mechanics & technical legwork that goes into the crafting of the music which contrasts with the feeling of freedom when I play the music.

& while I have a tendency to raise eyebrows I still live for those moments when I can bring a moment’s pleasure in any place, at any time on any given day.

Unreleased Songs

Diesel Trampoline

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Restoring the Boogie to the Pelvis of the People Unreleased songs to stream for you today.

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Who is Diesel Trampoline ?

An Artist

A Poet

A Musician

I left my job in IT banking & set out to do what I was put this planet to do in the first place. Music for me is like a meteor shower burning through me & I am very grateful to all who are making this possible..

I am a Scottish Singer/Songwriter living in Paris & write & perform music which may leave you reflecting upon the message before the melodies are kick-in.. Propping up a message pertaining to the origins of love & discord on the pillars of each ~4-minute musical safari. 

It’s only recently that I really understood why I was consumed by music from the age of 8. It was a actually coping mechanism. I experienced a distressing event in those early years that I had buried in memory and only recently did it re-surface. Now I recognise that early music was just my subconsciousness expressing itself. Venting those bottled emotions unwittingly. I am amazed how music can not only bring people together but can also heal..

We made it ! I thought it would never end )

Maybe it won't ..

Rock On !

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